Would My Dad Approve?
April 4, 2020
Alexandra Wade

Sometimes I wonder – would my dad approve of you? Would he approve of us? Of our relationship? What would he think of you? How would he react? And in the case he didn’t like you, how would he show it? Would he tell you head-on? Or would he just avoid seeing us together?

I wonder if he would have noticed how good to me you are? How finally I found a guy that treats me right. I wonder if he would value you more for it? If it will help you gain some points?

Would he take you under his wing? Treat you like a son? Would he welcome you into our family? Would he make new traditions with you? Would he let you into to ours? Would you go to baseball games together? Bond over it? I can testify how much you both value this game.

What would he have to say about the fact that we were friends before we started seeing each other? Would he appreciate it? Would it remind him of my mother and him, as their relationship started that same way? Or, would he blame you for compromising our friendship because you wanted more?

Would he think less of you after you broke my heart in the past? After you turned me down at first? Would he say anything? Would he try and prevent me from going back to you?

Sometimes I wonder if my dad would have approved of you. But then, I recall how he abandoned us when I was six years old and remind myself that I don’t actually care about his opinion.

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