You Are Beautiful No Matter Your Size
July 21, 2018
Laura Lee

The words body image can be pretty scary, regardless of gender. If you are confident enough, then they can also be rather meaningless.

When it comes to loving ourselves, we live in a real tough society. It’s always been that way, but hopefully not the way it will always be.

We have everything around us, we just need to wake up and really open our eyes. Plus size models for one, why do they have be called plus size? They are just models.  But we should also just focus on energy on the fact that they are being featured once and for all.

We need to get rid of these stereotypes, and allow ourselves to be ourselves, beautiful as we are.  At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks, it matters what you think about yourself, and we’re the only ones with the power of that.  It’s up to you if you’re going to own your natural beauty, or let society take over you.

You’re beautiful, regardless of what size you are. We are all our own worst critics, so stop. Stop focusing on your imperfections, and focus on your perfections.

No one can love us if we don’t love ourselves first. We’ve all heard that life is short, but we need to truly understand that and do something about it, like not waste our entire lives hating ourselves for nothing.

The choice is yours.

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