You Don’t Need To Be Vegan To Be Healthy
October 15, 2018
Laura Lee

Let’s start of with one very important point. The way that you chose to live your life – is your own. If you’ve decided to think consciously about the way you eat, then kudos to you.  It takes a lot of though and effort to be a paleo, vegetarian or vegan, or follow any strict diet for that matter.

Labels, however, are limiting.  They set out for you a set of rules that you need to follow, of things that you can’t do. These labels come with a stereotype that makes the world understand you to be a certain type of person, to have a certain type of personality.

This doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily the case for you specifically, but when it comes to being a part of any category, you should think about the fact that it puts a label on yourself.  It becomes easier to convince ourselves, as well as the rest of the world, who we are because of the group we wish to associate ourselves with.

But we are all so magically and beautifully different and unique in our own ways. This means that what’s healthy for all of us can differ.  So how about simply practicing conscious eating?

Maybe it can still be seen as a label, but at least – it doesn’t come with boundaries and restrictions. All it means, it simply putting thought into your eating. Into how you are eating your food, if you’re standing, or sitting? If you’re grateful for your food, what kind of food you’re eating, where it came from…

Awareness is the biggest and first step in making a positive change.  Step outside of the labels and do what you truly believe in.

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