You Got Me Off Tracks
November 27, 2020
Jade Kerr

Unfortunately, a significant amount of the relationships I had from my teens and until my late twenties were incredibly toxic relationships. For some reason, I couldn’t escape this toxic, harmful loop. I went from one toxic relationship to the other, not learning any lesson between each one. At a certain point, having experienced these relationships, these hardships, I was ready to call it quits. I was convinced that love wasn’t in the cards for me, that entering another relationship would lead to the same exhausting and disappointing ending. So, I made the decision there and then that I would remain single, and I came to peace with that choice, with my path. But, then, you came into my life.

At first, I turned you down. I told you that wasn’t looking for anything, that I am taking a break from the dating scene. You seemed to understand, but after a couple of weeks, you tried again. I didn’t know what to think about you. You were a wind of fresh air, everything I wanted but never thought I would get. You said that you couldn’t forget me and had to try once more. After much hesitation, I decided that maybe I should give it a chance – one date. When we met, I played it safe. I was cautious, as many of my troubled exes also seemed amazing at first glance.

Our date couldn’t be more perfect. You were a gentleman in every sense of the word, and something about you captured me. Despite not knowing yet what would come out of our relationship, something about you felt different than the ones that came before you. I can’t explain it – it was a gut feeling. As time passed, you lived up to that gut feeling and even surpassed it. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I had a clear vision, a clear path, but you got me off track, and I am so thankful for that.

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