You Know Your Anxiety Is Annoying
August 7, 2019
Laura Lee

One of the worst parts of experiencing anxiety is that you know it’s taking place, and you know that you’re being super annoying to everyone around you. Instead of taking that self-awareness and trying to make the situation better, you actually always make it worse. To no fail. 

You bring it up every few minutes, and constantly ask questions about it, apologize and try to figure out how those around you are feeling about your current anxiety. You let everyone know exactly how insecure you really are, without them even asking. 

Even if you do find the courage within yourself to talk about the actual anxiety that you’re experiencing, you’ll doubt yourself and convince yourself that you should have just kept your problems to yourself. 

You enter this never ending vicious cycle where you become more and more anxious as you talk about it because you don’t get the reassurance that you were hoping for. You’re dying for them to tell you that you’re fine, that they love you, support you, and will always be there to listen to you. Most importantly, you need to hear that you are not annoying. 

And sometimes, no matter what they say – it will be never enough for you. You trust only the voice in the back of your head that is always putting you down, because that’s much easier for you to believe. 

Although you realize how much your anxiety has taken over both your life and the lives of those around you – you can’t seem to stop it.

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