You May Have Ended Us, But I’m Far From Over
March 25, 2020
Ariella Jacobs

When you first told me it was over between us, I was devastated. You dragged me down with you and left me when I was at my lowest. I loved you with all of my heart. I tried to help you – gave you everything I had – and you took it all. I did it all with love and didn’t expect anything in return, but the least you could have done was treat me with respect.

I thought I could never get over this. I thought I could never recover from the heartbreak and pain. I was already ready to give up on the idea of love, of a grown and healthy relationship. You made me feel like I am unworthy of love; like I’m impossible to love. And you and I both know I wasn’t the one that should have had that feeling.

However, as time went by, I realized all of that. I finally saw that I shouldn’t feel this way – this one is not on me. I grew stronger and stronger with time, earning back every piece of myself. I started to view myself in a different, more positive light and finally cut myself some slack.

So, while you ended what we had, I was far from over. I was only growing stronger and better. I was finally able to give the love I gave to you so effortlessly in the past to myself. Now, looking back at it, I see what a huge favor you did for me. Thanks to you, I love myself again. Thanks to you, I value and appreciate myself. Thanks to you, I know what I want.

I still have so much to give; anyone would be lucky to have me. Sadly for you, you failed to see it. And now, now it’s too late.

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