You Wouldn’t Say This If You Were Happy
December 14, 2018
Alexandra Wade

If you were truly happy in your relationship, there are certain things that you simply just wouldn’t say or feel. If you believe that it’s natural for excitement to fade, then there might be a problem.

Of course it’s natural to not always feel constantly head-over-heels. Eventually you settle down and become comfortable and relaxed with each other. But it doesn’t mean that the excitement needs to go away. Just because you don’t have butterflies in your stomach, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel anything when you see your partner.

If you feel like being practical is more important than being happy, then there might be a problem. There is no reason to stay with your partner just because of technical reason, such as the fact that you may already being living together or that it makes sense financially.  Of course you need to be practical l in your relationship, as with everything, but you should never base your love life on merely on what makes most sense. Your happiness must come first.
If you are constantly finding outside reasons to convince yourself why the two of you have been having trouble lately, then you might want to stop and re-think things.  We often try to convince ourselves that certain things are just phases and that things will simply work themselves out with time, but this is not always the case.

Never feel like you are bothering your partner with your problems. A solid, healthy relationships involves two people who are of course able to deal with their own problem, but who are also able to rely on each other when they need a hug and someone to talk to.  Your partner is supposed to be your safe go-to person and you should never feel as though you are a burden to them.

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