You’ll Get There
August 25, 2019
Alexandra Wade

A lot of times my colleagues and I write on this site about difficult and long processes like self-love, self-worth, learning from mistakes, etc., all of which demand hard work and commitment. We always make sure to write that it is a process that takes time and hard work, but I know that many people will doubt it. I am saying this out of experience. I was also very doubtful that any of this can really happen.

See, as I pointed out, these things take time. They don’t happen instantly. Today, we are used to things happening in an instant. We are used to getting what we want fast. Because of all of this, we have become impatient. We believe that if something doesn’t happen straight away, it won’t happen at all. This is where I went wrong too.

I gave up on the process because I felt frustrated and angry. I wanted to reach these places, conquer those mindsets. We need to comprehend that these things take time, and that’s completely normal. This time is crucial for the process, for our growth. We need to believe in ourselves and in the process. It will pay off, trust me.

It’s ironic to say that we need to believe in ourselves and know how much we are capable of when that’s what we are trying to achieve. However, it’s true. We need to look beyond right now, beyond this moment. We need to remember the greater path in which we walk on, even if we can’t see the outcome just yet.

So, hang in there. Be true and committed to the process. Know that what’s ahead is worth all the trouble. Even if you can’t see it now, be patient. It is not going to happen in the snap of a finger, but don’t give up, as it will pay off.

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