Your Bedroom Affects Your Mood
June 4, 2018
Laura Lee

You know that feeling when you walk into your bedroom, look around, see a complete mess and feel kind of down spiritually? You most likely don’t really ever think about what the state of your bedroom means for your mood, but it might have a lot more of an impact than you think.

So if your mood or your room has been a little all of the place lately, maybe it’s time for some classic spring cleaning. It might very well be just the remedy you need to make your day a great one.

A cluttered space can affect your well-being, making you yourself feel cluttered too. We feel it when we walk into a room, and since we are so stuck in our heads we don’t even think about it. A cell responds to its environment, and spaces not only affect our mood but also how we feel about ourselves.

This is especially true when it comes to our bedroom. In order to get the kind of bedroom vibes we all need, we need to pay close attention to how our furniture is placed and make sure that we don’t have any jarring angles. The goal is to make the space as harmonious as possible.

The less visual clutter, the better. Tuck away the things you can’t get rid of, we promise you it’ll make you feel better to have a neat and clear space.  The less you have to think about while in bed, the easier it will be for your brain to be calm, and can really have an impact on your day overall.

The color schemes are also important. Choosing soothing and calm shades, rather than bright and bold ones can connect you better to nature.

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