Your Forever Person Will Always Trust You
August 21, 2018
Ariella Jacobs

When you’re with the right person that trust you, they won’t ask to see your phone. They won’t expect you to text them every few minutes when you are with your friends. You don’t have to tell them every single detail of your day, because they know that nothing went on that they should be worried about.

They will never interrogate you and will never accuse you of lying. They will never search for missing holes in your stories, because they will simply trust you to begin with.  They will never call you to check where you really are, they will call you rather to make sure that you’re having fun, to tell you that they love you, and remind you to get home safely.

When you’re with your forever person, they don’t worry about you hanging out with friends of the opposite sex, they just know that you would never cheat on them or betray them. Your person knows how much you are invested in them and only them, and that you would never hurt them.

Your forever person will allow you to explain yourself before accusing you of anything.  You won’t get into pointless arguments about other people. You will never have to defend yourself, because they think the best of you.  They will put all of their faith in you.

You are able to talk about your celebrity crushes in front of them without them getting jealous. You can feel relaxed and at ease with them.  You grow to trust them too and your insecurities start to melt away.  You two become unbreakable.

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