Your On-Off Relationship Needs To End
September 1, 2018
Ariella Jacobs

Being in an on again, off again relationship can (or should at the very least) have you questioning yourself whether or not this relationship is really worth it.  Are you at the point where you’re considering calling it off for good this time?

If that question is on your mind, then clearly there’s a good reason for it. Although you’re probably comfortable with your partner, and they know you on many different levels, there are still plenty of valid reasons why you should end an unstable, fickle relationship once and for all…

If when you were ”off” and you weren’t jealous whatsoever when they were with other people, then it might be a sign that the relationship is ready to come to an end. In a healthy relationship, this thought should upset you. However if you are out of love, you most likely will not really be phased by it.

If you imagine yourself single or with other people, then it’s another sign that your relationship has become rather empty and that it’s not the best thing for you.  If you are fantasizing about ways to leave them, then that’s most likely what you should be doing.

If you no longer share the same interests and hobbies, then perhaps you should try finding new common passions. But if your partner is bringing down what you love to do, that’s a major red flag.

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