You’re Mine This Valentine
February 14, 2020
Jade Kerr

For many years, I was sure I was undeserving of love. I suffered from many unsuccessful relationships and was cheated on multiple times. As a result, I lost my self-confidence and every shred of love I had to myself. I was sure there was something wrong with me. I’ve been wronged so many times, been through such bad relationships, that I gave up.

I stopped trying, stopped looking. I gave up on the hope of ever finding someone worthy. Yet, deep inside, I still wished that someday I will meet someone just like you. Despite that, I lived my life as if I never would.

And now, my wish finally came true. Now, I have you. And you treat me right; you love me unconditionally; you are there for me in my ups and my downs, through my insecurities and failures. You are the living manifestation of my hopes and desires. You are everything I always dreamed of having. But despite all that, love is still anything but easy.

I hope that today, February 14th, Valentine’s Day, you too realize that you are worthy of love. That just because things haven’t bee easy in the past, doesn’t mean the future can’t be bright. It’s not always going to be easy, but please don’t lose hope.

I want you to remember that at the end of the day, Valentine’s Day is nothing but a normal day. It’s the other 364 days that matter. It’s in those days that we put our love to the test; see how it survives our daily routines, the downfalls, and hardships.

Now, to my valentine. I love you and believe in us, in our love. I don’t care about chocolates or fancy dinners. What I actually care about is our love, us. I want you, someone who is there for me on my best and worst days. While you are my valentine every day, I still have one request. This Valentine’s Day, be mine.

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