You’re Not Lost, You’re On A Journey
June 30, 2019
Claire Miles

Do you ever feel lost? Like you have no purpose or end goal? Like you’re going through life with no plan or sense of purpose? Well, know that you’re not the only one. There are many other people who feel lost and confused. We are all trying to navigate this thing called life, and it’s difficult. But remember that you are not lost, you are where you’re supposed to be.

That feeling of doubt, uncertainty, and lack of direction is completely normal. You’re not lost, you’re on the right track. Growing up, we are convinced by society that by our 20s we should have everything figured out. By our twenties, we should get ahead in our field of choice, settle down, have kids, save for the future. This is not the time to change careers, go on a big trip or just trying to get by every day. However, that is not how life works.

It’s completely normal to still figure out who you are in your twenties. These are the years in which you venture into the world, question yourself, the people that surround you, the world. Leaving places of comfort such as home, school, college, etc. is extremely difficult. Leaving those comfort zones may cause you to believe you are doing the wrong thing.

But you aren’t. Because this is your journey. It isn’t about anyone else but yourself. This is about you discovering what you expect from yourself, not what others expect of you. This journey is about finding your happiness, not anyone else’s. Take it day by day. It’s about going through the bad and what’s not for you, in order to appreciate the best parts of life and finding what is truly right for you.

It’s all about being you. It’s about understanding who you are. When you achieve this, the whole journey will make so much sense. The doubts and the changes brought you here, led you down the right path, your own.

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