You’re Not Their First Priority
June 11, 2021
Jade Kerr

You’re probably not their first priority if they are always canceling your plans without a good or valid reason. And if they never make the effort to say sorry, reschedule, or at least show that they didn’t want things to be as such, then you are also probably once again…not their first priority. If they show up late without letting you know in advance, then well, sorry but truth be told, you probably are not the most important thing to them, or at least not right now.

If they forget important milestones and dates such as your anniversary or birthday…well then, that’s another red flag that you aren’t exactly the first thing on their mind right now, and that something or someone else is. If they don’t pay attention to the small details and the stories you tell them, then perhaps, it’s another telltale sign that they just aren’t all that interested in what you’re saying.  If they don’t notice when you change up your appearance, or just simply forget to update you on what’s going on in their lives right now,  then maybe, once again, you just aren’t all that important to them.

If they don’t invite you to spend time and get to know their friends and family… then probably you’re not their number one priority. If you are always the first one to start the conversation and you are always the one initiating plans, then there’s a problem here that can’t be ignored. If they aren’t willing to hold your hand or kiss you in public, why don’t you ask yourself why? What’s wrong? If you were important to them, it surely wouldn’t be a problem. Maybe the two of you aren’t on the same page right now about where you’re priorities are at the moment. 

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