You’re So Much More Than Pretty
August 26, 2018
Claire Miles

We need to stop telling women that they are pretty. Women are so much more than just pretty

Women are magical…

Women set Olympic records, follow their dreams, take on every challenge presented to them.  Women are loving mothers, loyal wives, and loving daughters.  Women are fierce bosses of successful companies, soulful and thoughtful friends.

Women stand up against those that try to bring us down.  Women take pride in their appearances, and when they show up they look absolutely fabulous.  Women give birth to beautiful, tiny humans, after carrying and caring for them for a long nine months.

Women make scientific breakthroughs, ride rockets into space, and write books. Women raise their children to be the best possible people.

We are making breakthrough scientific discoveries, and riding rockets into space. We are starting businesses, writing books that heal the world, and we are taking many seats at the table.

Women are everything. So much more than just pretty. Women are smart, loving, unique, thoughtful, worthy and powerful.

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