You’re Worth So Much More
April 29, 2019
Alexandra Wade

You better hear this loud and clear. You are worth so much more than someone who is unable to just text you back. Perhaps in today’s society, everyone has convinced themselves that it’s perfectly fine.

We’ve convinced ourselves that even if he doesn’t make the first move, it’s because he’s probably shy, and that we should just take it upon ourselves. We’ve convinced ourselves that it’s fine to always be the one to initiate making plans. While sometimes it really is ok, we need to know where to draw the line.

If you’re always the one the make the first move and text him, and if you constantly find yourself lying in bed, staring at your phone waiting for him to answer you back, you should probably stop and re-think your self-worth.

You are worth so much more than that. You are worth so much more than some less than interested and engaged conversations. You are worth so much more just getting late night texts after waiting around all day to hear from them. You’re time is so precious and valuable, and your energy should be invested elsewhere, rather than wasted worrying about why they aren’t talking to you.

Yes, sometimes, here and there, whenever he does decide to text you it’s all wonderful and amazing, and it makes you feel like the most beautiful, special girl in the world. When you’re together, we’re sure it’s also amazing, and for those very moments, you don’t want to let him go and give up.

You are worth so much more than that – more than all of those seemingly magical moments. You are worth so much more than all of that confusion and heartache that it comes with.  We all have busy lives, so do you. Stop making excuses for him, and know your truth. Invest your time in someone that values you in the way that you deserve.

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