You’ve Already Found Your Soul Mate
December 28, 2018
Jade Kerr

Love is love.  There is no love is greater than the other love, the love we have for our parents, our sister, our brother, a friend, or the love we have for a romantic partner.  No matter what, it’s still love.

We are always searching for love, but we don’t even realize how much love is truly around us all the time, in every small thing in our lives.  Soul mates, in a sense complete us for a certain amount of time. It’s like a soul match.

Our soul finds another soul that somehow matches something very important to us, whether it be a romantic love, a familial love, or a friendship love. We all have a soul match with more than one person in our lives.  There is not just one.

They are the ones that are there to join us on the crazy journey of life, and help us to grow into who we are supposed to be, challenging us, and allowing us to improve every day.

A soul mate is someone that comes into your life and breaks down walls. They disrupt our lives in a variety of ways. They are that person we feel like we’ve reconnected with, someone we share a timeless bond with, that we can call up even after not talking for months.

A soul mate is merely a connection between two people, and we need to take on this concept, rather than constantly looking for one specific person to be our soul mate in the romantic way.  Each soul enters our lives for a purpose and to show us a new meaning.

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