Zendaya, A style Icon In the Making
March 21, 2022
Laura Lee

From Met Gala looks, award shows to movie premiers, Zendaya never fails to serve us a good dose of fashion. Guess it’s safe to say that she is far from her days as a child actress on Disney. The young actress is constantly breaking expectations with each look that she gives but that’s not all it takes to be a fashion icon. She even looks good in loungewear. We can definitely see a fashion collaboration in her future.

Zendaya and her celebrity stylist Law Roach work closely together to make sure that she nails every look she is seen in. There are three common questions asked when speaking about fashion. This includes, does it work with your body? Is it trendy? Is it new? Well with her latest red carpet appearance, Zendaya answered all of those questions with a yes, yes, and yes.

Getty Images/Getty Images Entertainment/Emma McIntyre

The singer and actress were photographed wearing the perfect black dress by Maison Valentino. So perfect you would think it was made for her body. The floor-length black dress had a plunging neckline. But that’s not all. It also had a hip-high slip. Showing off her beautiful long legs. She did her hair in cornrows, trying not to take away from her dress that didn’t need any accompaniment. Makeup was kept light and for shoes, she opted for a simple black pump.

Now let’s get into her Met Gala looks more specifically her 2019 Met Gala look. Everyone knows that the Met is the one time of the year where you better show out and put everything you can into your look. Zendaya graced the Met steps is a look that will definitely go down in Met history. She has dressed as Cinderella, not just an imitation but she brought the famous cartoon character to life. She had smoke following her as she walked and her dress glowed. Her spectacular ensemble made headlines all over the world. We know she’ll continue to wow us with her looks.

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